VAT & Tax Loans

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What are VAT & Tax Loans ?

Tax bills can be bigger than expected and can land just at the wrong time for your working capital. Businesses often need a temporary solution to spread the loan over a few months. Vat or other tax loans are short term loans to pay tax bills, the lender pays the bill on your behalf directly to HMRC, and then you repay the loan over an agreed period, normally up to 12 months.


Loan amounts range from £50k up to £500K. The amount available will depend on the security offered and the general financial position of the business. If there is no security available the typical maximum advance will be up to £150k.

Approval is usually quick, within 24 hours

This format of finance is more expensive than conventional borrowing because it is typically needed quickly and it is “unsecured” with the usual caveat that a personal guarantee is often required.

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