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We have many years’ experience sourcing lending for transport and logistics businesses of all shapes and sizes – from international hauliers to last-leg delivery. We enjoy working with businesses in these hugely important sectors because you keep the economy moving!

We help businesses in this sector:

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All sorts of finance options are available and we can tailor them to your needs. If you are having a specialist asset made for your business and need stage payments as it is made then we can help.

In these changing times the need for transport and logistics companies to adapt to the opportunities ahead has never been more acute. As such it’s important to have a Funding Friend on hand as your business evolves to ensure your funding structure remains the most suitable and is competitively priced.

We see continued investment in new capital equipment and vehicles to ensure the tax opportunities are maximised and we are on hand to support.

If you are thinking of buying up your competition or seling the business to your management team we also have deep expertise in advising on funding structures for management buy-outs or acquisitions of other businesses should a purchase or change ownership be on the horizon.

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