Professional Practices

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The sectors of law, accountancy and architecture provide strong foundations within the UK professional services markets and many banks will provide a different funding structure than a typical trading business.

Despite the challenges during Covid times, the professional sectors have remained resilient and are well placed for growth. As such it’s important to have a Funding Friend on hand as your business evolves to ensure your funding structure remains the most suitable and is competitively priced.

Increasingly in post-Covid times we see the markets will be active with opportunities not only for organic growth but also with acquisitions and consolidations.

Types of Funding

Professional practice funding needs will typically fall into the categories of:

Professionals Sat Down

We work with an extensive panel of lenders and we are well placed to advise on the most appropriate solutions across various products. It’s really important that a broker fully understands your needs so they can make appropriate recommendations and that’s where Funding Friends many years’ of experience counts.

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