Nursery & Childcare

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If you run a nursery school or childcare facility, we could help you with your funding needs.


All nursery schools and childcare facilities need premises, we can help you find the right commercial mortgage, whether it is a new purchase or refinance.

Typically lenders will fund up to 75% of the value of the premises, repaid over 15-20 years. Some lenders provide interest only funding which could help with cashflow initially. 

Day To Day Needs

If you need funding for equipment or fit out for your setting, then we can source this too – kitchen equipment and general refurb funding is available. You might need a mini-bus or van – we can source competitive finance to get you moving.

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It is not uncommon for operators to establish their initial nursery and then go on to acquire or develop new ones. If you are looking for funding to buy another nursery as a business, we can source this – you may be buying the property they operate in or just the “goodwill” and paying rent – either way there are options we can discuss.


  • The first thing most lenders will do is check the Ofstead register and they will seek to understand how your business is performing at the last inspection.
  • Lenders will need a good understanding of the management team at the nursery and will look at the stability of the staffing as well as the day to day controls that are in place.
  • Financial performance is important and lenders will want to understand the revenues of the business (day care, after school, part days etc) and how may parents pay for the childcare and how much is government funded.

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